Baclofen 4 alcoholism - as simple as A - B - C

     Anxiety + Alcoholism  +  Baclofen = 'Cure'

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The ultimate Baclofen for Alcoholism resource site!

Baclofen has worked for thousands of us. Why not you?

Isn't it time for you to let a little bit of peace into your own life, and into the lives of the ones who care so much about you, and deep down you love just as much?

I'm celebrating 7 years of sobriety, alcohol indifference and zero anxiety!!


All thanks to Baclofen!


Join me, and let's all get to this

wonderful new life.


With my help, you most definitely can!

Baclofen - a cure for YOUR alcoholism?


Welcome to the all new 2017 Balcofen4alcoholism web site!!

In 2009, a brave and brilliant Frenchman wrote a book entitled The End of My Addiction, and the World for people like you and me changed forever.


Finally, and irrefutably, the link between chronic anxiety and developing an alcohol dependency was made. Something I have come to refer to as


Triple A (Anxiety - Alcohol - Addiction) Syndrome



Triple A Syndrome. Something many of us have known about all along, but didn't know what to call it. In fact, we never had the confidence to give it a name. Nobody would have believed us anyway.


The quote is taken directly from the Introduction to my own book Booze, Baclofen & Me (see B4a Books page).


Many of us use alcohol as a means of dealing with our chronic state of anxiety. That does not mean that we are absolved from all responsibility, both for our condition and our futures. Far from it.


But, now we have genuine, real hope. Something that we can throw ourselves into with considerable confidence. After all, for many of us, Baclofen works. Beautifully.


It curbs the cravings of alcohol withdrawal considerably. And it also reduces your state of anxiety wonderfully well. The ultimate double whammy for those wishing to cure their own addiction.


Already in 2010, Baclofen is helping the thousands of people who visit the B4a site with their alcohol cravings and the life long chronic anxiety state that made them drink in the first place.


For many, including me, it has revolutionised our lives. Indeed, as in my case, probably saved many of them too.

Thank God for Olivier Ameisen. I know I do.


But is often far from plain sailing. There are many potential pitfalls along the way. I should know, I’ve suffered many of them. Many of you have been good and brave enough to share them with me.


What sufferers from alcohol dependency and their loved ones / carers need is simple information, reassurance, support and the chance to talk to others in the same boat.

That is precisely what B4a and my dedicated Baclofen practice are all about.


This site provides information about Baclofen and its use in chronic alcoholism and the chronic anxiety that often causes it. It also details my own dedicated Baclofen pracftice, based in the United Kingdom, but providing help for fellow sufferers throughout the World.


Are YOU one of us?


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Me in August 2009

Before starting Baclofen

Weight approx. 260 lb

July 2017

Aged 56 years

Still 195 lb

And totally alcohol indifferent

A video I made in May 2011

Weight approx. 195 lb