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Already, I am being contacted on a daily basis by fellow sufferers who humble me by telling me the most heart breaking stories. Some wish to remain anonymous; they just need a sympathetic ear. Others actively want their stories to be told. Thankfully, almost all are being transformed by Baclofen. Unfortunately, a few are not.


I would love to hear from you all, and, with you permission, put short synopses of your stories on this page.


Beating alcoholism is a very great thing, and the more sufferers out there that realise that it is possible, the more of them will seek help.


So, please tell me your story by clicking on the icon below, and let me know if you would be kind enough to let me put a brief account of it on this page. Don't worry, I won't put any personal identifying details on that you do not OK first.


Thanks a lot


Dr Phill



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Big D from the USA wrote me the following story. It is an object lesson in what I would love to be able to share with you. I normally precis reports of what you report to me, but to begin this section, I have posted it here in its unedited entirety. It is almost a perfect example of what happens when you take Baclofen. Thank you Big D.



"Hello Dr. Phill,


I've been following the MWO forums for months now, along with the evolution of your fine site, with the intention of sharing my story when I was sure it was done. Last week I thought I had put the final period on my epic novel. Unfortunately, this week has shown me I may have only just finished chapter 1.


Here's a look at my story so far. I ordered a large amount of Baclofen in early August from, stopped drinking with the help of Xanax and Ambien, and locked the door with a small (125mg) dose of Antabuse every morning. I had a full week of sobriety in me before the Baclofen arrived. I was in a hurry, so I took the recommendations of a few MWO members and titrated up just as quickly as my body would allow. This would prove to be a mistake.  Within two weeks, I was up to 160mg. I had experienced the usual side effects: somnolence, sweating attacks (which afflicted you too, I believe), eczema (probably from the sweating), fatigue, and some loss of mental acuity. There was also some good stuff: reduced anxiety (I stopped taking the Xanax almost immediately, a general sense of well being, and most importantly, a significant reduction in craving for Alcohol. But after a few weeks at 160mg, I started to experience more bad stuff. Depersonalization was the worst. I began to feel a weird sense that I wasn't me. Everything was dreamlike, unreal. And then my body began to feel as though it was quivering from the inside. My fingers were still, but a deep tremor rumbled my core. At this point I knew 160mg was unsustainable, and that I had probably titrated up way too quickly. After about 10 days, I was feeling like my old self again at 80mg. Too much like my old self it turned out. The cravings returned, I stopped taking the Antabuse, and began drinking again. Uncanny.


One thing is sure, drinking on Baclofen isn't so good, and hangovers on Baclofen are hangovers^3. Along with all the old favorites (headache, shakiness, nausea, sweating, extreme anxiety), my face would be crimson the next day, so much so that people would say, "Man, your face is red". Teaching High School math with a big red clown face just doesn't fly, so I decided to stop drinking (again), go back on the Antabuse, and titrate up at a much slower rate. By mid October, I had stabilized at 150mg. My cravings had again diminished to the point where I felt comfortable going off the Antabuse. This would prove to be another mistake.


On Saturday, Nov. 14th, I drank heavily (about 13 beers). The next day I thought I was going insane. Unbelievable anxiety, tremors, and profuse sweating, way beyond anything experienced before. Xanax did nothing. I have never had a seizure, but I felt sure one was on the way. I was preparing to go the ER when things gradually began to improve. The next day I was shaky, but was able to work. Drinking on Baclofen is a bad idea.


This incident strengthened my resolve. I slowly boosted my dosage up to 170mg and started up on the Antabuse again. My intention was to gradually increase until I found the elusive switch. From mid Nov. until now, I've taken 35mg at 7:00am, 35mg at 11:00am, 50mg at 3:00pm, and 50mg at 7:00pm. My cravings have diminished significantly, so much so that I rarely even think about alcohol. Another indicator of lessened cravings is the consistency of my Antabuse intake. I take it now without hesitation. During periods of craving, I would equivocate, knowing that the weekend was coming and if I stopped, say on Tuesday, I could be ready by Friday. I don't play those games any more.


I had thought I was in the home stretch until last Saturday, Dec. 12th.  On that day I was suddenly hit with the same sense of depersonalization I had experienced before.  As the week progressed, the deep body tremors began again, along with increased anxiety. This culminated in a very unpleasant event this morning.  I began to feel dizzy, my fingers and hands began to twitch uncontrollably, my pulse shot up to around 100 (which is twice my resting pulse of 54 due to a beta blocker I take to control my bp), and my bp shot up to 170/100. Anxiety attack? Maybe, but I don't think so. This felt more like an adverse physical reaction, like a "bad trip". I haven't been taking Xanax of late, but took some hoping it would relieve the tremors. After about 2 hours, everything normalized. As I write this, I still feel awful. The internal tremors are subdued but continue. This event combined with how I've felt during the week makes me wonder if I've once again exceeded my Baclofen threshold.


So here I am. I'm convinced that Baclofen suppresses my cravings for alcohol, but I may not be able to tolerate the drug. It's either that, or my new shipment of Baclofen from 4rx, which I started last week, is sugar, and I'm currently going through withdrawal. There does seem to be some variability in quality between suppliers based on forum comments. In addition to the beta blocker (Toprol XL), I take an ACE inhibitor (Cozaar), and a water pill for my bp. There is nothing I can find that indicates these don't work with Baclofen. I have an old shipment of Baclofen which I'm reasonably sure it the good stuff. I'll take that from this point forward and reduce my dosage to 150mg.


I also occasionally take 10mg of Ambien to help me sleep. I have done this off and on for years without any side effects. Again, I have not found anything that speaks to interactions between Baclofen and Ambien.


Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Luckily, Christmas vacation begins today, so I have some time to normalize. At this point, all I can think of is to slowly titrate down to a dosage where these feeling disappear. Can you recommend a reasonable schedule from 170 to 120?


You're doing a great job by the way. A centralized site with a reasonable moderator is just what Baclofen folks need. Feel free to post my story if you think it might be of use."





Dr Phill from the UK says:

Baclofen has totally changed my life.


If only it had happened sooner. If only I had never had a drink. If only I wasn't so very anxiety prone. If only I didn't take myself so seriously. If only I had chosen another career. If only I had met Julie earlier. If only I could have been Soph's real dad. If only I hadn't run out of Baclofen that fateful week. If only she had understood the withdrawal psychosis. If only I had more money. If only I wasn't so scared all the time.


If only ......................



John from Surrey, UK says:

I've always been a heavy drinker. For as long as I can remember. Done all the usual things; AA that kind of stuff.  Nothing worked. I saw the newspaper about Dr A and went to my doctor to get Baclofen. He told me to get lost, in not so many words. I got it off the internet, and am now completely controlled on 120mg a day in three doses. I haven't had a drink in four months, and don't want one. It's not cheap, but then booze wasn't free either!


Andrea from New York, USA says:

I had lost so many jobs and lovers though being drunk all the time. Nothing ever worked. You see, I liked it too much. Eventually, I met this really great guy who told me that he would love me forever if only I would quit the sauce. I saw Doctor Ameisen on Good Morning America and got this medic friend of mine to prescribe me the Baclofen. Within a couple of weeks, I didn't have any more cravings, and was sober for the first time since I was about eight years old! I've been dry for almost six months. I can't believe it. Nor can my new man!


J, from Rotherham, UK says:

I hate this world. I saw all that stuff about Baclofen. My doctor wouldn't give it me. My addiction specialist wouldn't give it me. I spent a fortune getting it off the internet, and it hasn't worked.


Reg from London, UK says:

Baclofen had totally changed my life. After a rocky start - lots of spasms and nightmares and headaches, I'm well sorted. Haven't had a drink in two months. I love Baclofen.


Dean from South Africa says:

It's been a Devil of a job getting the stuff, but it was well worth it. Baclofen has turned my life around. It saved my marriage. It saved me.


Mary Anne from the USA says:

Im 46 years old, and feel that I've lost a decade through alcohol. I enjoy drinking, and even after almost three months on Baclofen, whilst my drinking has curtailed considerably, I still want to drink. The great news is that even though I am prone to an eating disorder with anxiety, Baclofen appears to have stopped that in its tracks, even though I still have a few personal problems at the moment.


I'm totally amazed. Baclofen has given me my life back! I'm a nurse, and am hoping to start a new job at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.




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